Current Board Members

Created by constitutional amendment in 1993, the Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board is an independent state organization responsible for reviewing, investigating, and where merited, prosecuting complaints of judicial misconduct. The Board is composed of 12 Pennsylvania citizens, six appointed by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and the other half appointed by the Governor, including three judges, three lawyers, and six non-lawyers. No more than half of the appointed Board members may be from the same political party. Appointed Board members serve four-year terms without pay and meet regularly to review filed complaints against Pennsylvania judges.

Supreme Court Appointed Members

Member Member Type Political Party Date Term Expires
Hon. Elizabeth S. Beckley** Magisterial District Judge Republican 03/14/2020
Hon. P. Kevin Brobson* Judge Member Republican 08/31/2019
Wilmarie Gonzalez Lay Member Democrat  06/20/2020
Hon. Patricia H. Jenkins Attorney Member Republican  08/16/2022
Arnold Shienvold, Ph.D. Lay Member Democrat  11/07/2020
Lisa Steindel*** Lay Member Democrat  01/20/2020

*Re-elected Chair 02/04/2019

**Re-elected  Vice-Chair 02/04/2019

***Re-elected  Secretary 02/04/2019

Governor Appointed Members

Member Member Type Political Party Date Term Expires
Joseph M. Brown Lay Member Republican  12/04/2022
Mandi L. Culhane, Esquire Attorney Member Republican  02/05/2022
Thomas J. Elliott, Esquire Attorney Member Democrat  07/17/2021
Vacant Lay Member Republican
Mustafa L. Rashed Lay Member Democrat  02/29/2020
Hon. Nina Wright Padilla Judge Member Democrat  01/25/2022*
*Reappointed by Governor Wolf to a full four year term 08/31/2018